Carl Tiedemann Discusses Tiedemann Wines Venture

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Carl Tiedemann of Tiedemann Wines recently sat down to discuss his wine distribution company which opened earlier this year. Below is that Q & A discussion.

Q: What is Tiedemann Wines?

Tiedemann: “We are a wholesale wine distribution company in Elkhart, Indiana. But not only do we distribute great boutique wines, we also make wine under the Glenwood Cellars and Tiedemann labels. From the very start I thought it would be great to make my own wine. But I didn’t want to be directly involved in the retailer wine market. I thought it would be better to make wine and distribute it. We go to Napa and I personally blend these wines with our winemakers. The process of mixing the blends myself is just amazing, and it means we get exactly what we want for our labels.”

Q: How did the company get its start?

Tiedemann: “I got into the business because I had been collecting high-end Napa Valley cabernets for many years. Through a good friend I became involved with Didier Loustau of Loustau Wines and Marketing in Napa. Didier is trained as a French chef and is the former Senior Wine Buyer for Dean and Deluca. Didier introduced me to some amazing wines and assisted me in building many great relationships in Napa. I found that I really enjoy wine, and sharing it with others is enjoyable. I thought: ‘I have all of these business relationships in Elkhart and I had all these wine relationships in Napa Valley. Why could I not benefit from both?’ After some research, I realized that I could actually do this as a business.”

Q: How do you decide what wines you want to carry?

Tiedemann: “I like to represent small boutique wineries. The thing for me is this: If I like to drink it and will spend my own money to have it in my wine cellar, I am going to want to share that wine with others. Through my Napa relationships I have been fortunate to be introduced to so many smaller wine makers who do limited batches of wine…but these wines are outstanding. They normally would never make it to Indiana to be enjoyed. I am proud to be the one bringing them here.”

Q: How is Tiedemann Wines different?

Tiedemann: “Because of our size and passion for what we do, and the fact that this is a family run business, we don’t have the need for all that typical structure you see in larger distribution companies. I personally oversee every order that comes in. I am out in the communities visiting with the restaurants, country clubs and package stores. I am consulting when we do wine tastings and wine dinners. It’s the kind of business where we can just be ourselves and provide our clients with the service we know we’d like to receive.” 

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